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Introducing Paul’s band on The Acoustic Stage... 

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Paul Casey

Guitars & Lead Vocals

Paul Casey is perhaps Ireland’s best kept secret. And it’s a secret thirty years in the making... 

For decades, the self-effacing musician has worked tirelessly at his craft. He’s at home in the studio. The quintessential musician’s musician, over the years Casey has composed and arranged, played and recorded, mixed and produced – all the time honing his craft at his Cable Junction home studio.

Paul Casey was born at a moment in Northern Irish life that shaped him unmistakably. His father’s records were a huge influence. Paul’s musical sensibility led to an encounter with the legendary Chris Rea. The shy teenager blagged his way backstage to ask for advice from his guitar hero. Rea advised the young novice, who took everything on board. Five years later Casey gave Rea a demo tape. He was impressed, and invited Paul to London. Thus began years of recording and touring together, and a friendship that endures to this day. 

Another strand to Paul’s musical DNA is an uncompromising commitment to no-nonsense studio equipment, along with an enduring pursuit of the new recording  tech that matters. And then, there’s the visuals; rented VHS tapes have fashioned his life, and his music. Paul is a videographer, a guitarist, a songwriter, producer, and singer – but ultimately, a performer. Now, in a set that’s been 30 years in the making, Paul and his long-time band are set to take to The Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury. Paul Casey is a collaborator; his band has always been the lifeblood of his sound, and each player is set to bring their unique musicianship to the Glastonbury proceedings…

See the Paul and the band at 2pm, Saturday 29 June on The Acoustic Stage, Glastonbury

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